The best main ingredient in moisturizers among the five ingredients which we had was Ethylhexyl Salicylate based on the data collected as it had the least amount of weight loss,which means that moisture was not lost through evaporation in the fridge. Ethylhexyl Salicylate is an organic compound that is widely used as an ingredient in suntan lotions and cosmetics to absorb the ultraviolet rays which is emitted by the sun,thus showing its reliability at helping the skin for absorption. (Truthinaging, n.d.) The results of the weight of the moisturizers are valid as the results and data collected are reliable, constant and all the ingredients used are correct. However, there might a chance of error because the timings that were used to weigh the Jell-O was not taken at a proper time or not very constant due to school constrains. There could a better solution such as putting the timings to collect the results of the weight when the lab can be used without any activity interference. The problem can be further investigated by checking if the time weighed is not constant and will affect the weight of the moisturizer or Jell-O. If anyone were to conduct the same experiment, we would recommend others to arrange a proper and preferably constant time interval to measure the Jell-O. Also, in order to further ensure that our results are reliable, we would also measure the amount of Jell-O poured in each petri dish prior to the experiment to be the constant with one another.Last but not least,if its possible,we would also recommend testing with more moisturizing products across a broader variety of ingredients used and brands included.

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