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When a moisturizer applied on the skin, the skin can be moisturized and supple as having skin that is moisturized will result in healthy skin through enhancing the top layer of the skin called epidermis. However, not all moisturisers have the same amount of effect on the epidermis layer as each moisturizers contain different ingredients.Thus,this led to our research aim which is an investigation to find out which ingredient in 5 different moisturizers would help retain and keep the skin moist,supple and healthy. We took 5 different samples from 5 different moisturizers (Vaseline, Myeonghan Miindo Seol Whitening Bichaek Emulsion, Etude House Collagen Moistfull, the Body Shop Ginger Sparkle body butter and innisfree Green tea pure sleeping pack) which each have a different main ingredient used and applied it on Jell-Os. We then stored the Jell-Os which are placed in a petri dish, in the fridge for a duration for 2 weeks and went to record down the weight of the Jell-Os everyday at 10am or sometimes slightly later due to timetable constraints. Upon the last day after taking the final weight and completing the table of results, we compared the results which indicated that Vaseline’s main ingredient, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, helps to maintain and moisturize the Jell-O for the longest period of time the best as its weight difference was the most minimum and the Jell-O was still soft and supple.This shows that it penetrates into the epidermis skin layer most efficiently so as to give and retain the moisture in the skin which in turn keeps the Jell-O soft and supple whereas the Jell-O without any moisturizer applied on, turned dry and flaky. Dry and flaky skin will often lead to skin problems and irritation and it makes a person look older too.This indicates the use of moisturizers and how they will affect our skin.

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